The Plunge

Jump straight off the dock into the icy water of our private boat lake! Swim across the width of the water to the other side, where you'll have to climb up the banks to the next challenge! (There will be an alternate challenge available, and we will also provide optional lifejackets (required for any participants under 18 years old).

Hay Fever

Sprint over walls of square hay bails.

Cinder-ella Carry

Grab a cinder block from the pile and carry it through the field of slushy mud

Stairway to Heaven

Scramble up the steep steps of the infamous TSR Snow Hill.

Totally Tubular

Grab a tube at the top of the hill and race to the bottom- get a running start if you wish! But wait.. there's more because that challenge isn't over yet! Grab your tube and race back to the top!

The Decent

Slide down our slip-n-slide on the other side of the hill from the top to the bottom!

Dreaded Treads

Hurdle over a barricade of tires that roll with your momentum, making it even more challenging to get up over the top! We recommend grabbing a partner and helping each other out!

The Cliff Hanger

Scale and climb over a giant wall!

Trench War Fare

Low crawl through a muddy trench, hidden in the ground!

The Zipper

Balance your way across multiple zig-zagged balance beams.

Triple Trouble

Three walls in a row- get a running start and hurdle your way across them!

The Great Wall of TSR

Climb your way up the 8 foot wall to cross the finish line!

Monkey Bars

Monkey your way across 

Critter Crawl

Army crawl through the mud under bailing wire

Tire-D Yet?

Hop and sprint your way through a trap of 100 tires scattered about the ground.

Wet N Wild

Slide your way through soap & slime all the way across!

Sand Pit Low Crawl

Get level with the ground and crawl your way through a sand pit.


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